Monday, 6 July 2015

1. Select the RAW setting:
RAW enables you to go back at any time and process the image in a different way. With RAW software and technology improving all the time, it’s good to have the original RAW file to convert again and again.

2. Use flash in sunny conditions:
A sunny and bright day can be great as well as not so great for photography. Bright light can cause shadows and dark areas in the image. Use fill-flash in bright, sunny conditions to fill the shadows and bring out colours.

3. Shoot cities at night:
Cities come alive with lights and colour at night. Every holiday destination will have something that looks great at night. Good subjects include illuminated fountains, sculptures, churches or cathedrals, and market places. Use fountains or statues as foreground interest with the main subject in 
the background.

4. Get great silhouettes at sunset:
Shooting a brilliant sunset is something we all do on holiday. Sometimes, though, they don’t quite turn out as we saw them. A great way to improve sunsets is to silhouette a distinctive subject.

5. Avoid zoom! Get closer:
Avoid using zoom as much as possible. Walk and get close to the subject. If you need to get close, and you are able to get close, then get close. Don’t depend on your camera’s zooming abilities to fill your frame. Walking closer to you subject does wonders to a photo. The experience becomes more personal and intimate. And you’ll see that in your photos. Also, zooming usually means your aperture gets smaller on most cameras and thus, lets less light into your camera affecting your exposure settings. So there’s that, too.

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