Saturday 19 September 2015

Shopping @ Coimbatore

Want to go on a wardrobe shopping spree in Coimbatore? ​​Then this read is for you. Coimbatore, the cotton city of India, is filled with bazaars, street markets and malls all over. There aren’t many cities that are better when it comes to shopping for clothes and clothing accessories. Designs and models from contemporary to the latest fashion trends can be found here, which helps if you want to reinvent yourself style-wise and make a fashion statement. Pothys, a chain of textile showrooms, has been the go-to shop for people in Coimbatore, as it houses under one roof clothes and clothing accessories for a wide group of people ranging from different socio-economic backgrounds. 

The shop has separate sections for Men, Women, and Kids which makes shopping a lot easier and fun. This place, for women, is especially great as an enormous collection of Indian silk sarees like Samudrika Pattu, Kancheepuram Silk, Parampara Pattu, Vastrakala Pattu, Mayuri Menpattu, Vasundhra Pattu, etc. can be found here. The variety and quality of the products is exceptional which gives people a joyous and satisfying shopping experience. Their website also has an online store for people who would like to sit on a couch and shop in the comfort of their homes.

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