Monday 26 December 2016

Marine Drive – Mumbai by icityzoom

Morning walk across a cool and fresh air makes you feel new and beautiful in Marine Drive – Mumbai which stretches 3 km along the coast of Arabian Sea. The mist breaks with the sun rises as early in the morning. In evening, street lights along the road gives a dazzling look which seems to be rounded like a necklace, shortly called 'Queen’s necklace'. It’s been accompanied with the wave that hits the rocks around the sea. 

 As a tourist place associated with the old city name Bombay, Marine drive has completed about 100 years of its tenure for its constructions by British Governor 'Sir Battle Frere'. Again the city had been blessed to rebuild it with two great architectural styles famously called as the Victorian Gothic and Art Deco. Mumbai’s art Deco buildings seem to be included with Marine Drive waterfront – the second largest cluster in Art Deco. Sitting along the coastal line and viewing the stunning waves with rhythmic breeze takes you away from the real world. The Palm trees along the road side rounded with light lamps adds more beauty to the Marine path. People’s are willing to take a night ride along the path of Marine drive to Chowpatty (the oldest seafront) during sunset.

The lights at night make the seafront more colorful and add extra beauty to the Marine path. Peoples of all ages like to have a walk along the Marine drive and children's enjoy riding over the ancient games. The ancient games concludes with the Ferris wheels, merry- go-rounds, fly-by-night astrologers, self-styled tumbler, snake charmers, and trained monkeys which provides the flavor to the bazaar. People over there enjoy in taking the roadside snacks out of which 'Chowpatty Bhelpuri' is one of the renowned snacks across the street.

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