Monday 19 October 2015

Visit Top slip - Coimbatore

You wake up. ​The day begins​ . The moment you spring out of your bed, you realize you are caught up once again with your monotonous everyday routine and hectic work schedules. You desperately go in search of different ways to escape the wheel of monotony and boredom, but rarely do you succeed.

One of the best gifts to mankind has been nature. With its vibrant bursting colours, nature has the potential to cure the symptoms of routine and monotony. A quite time in the wild not only rejuvenates you, but also gives you the perfect time and atmosphere you need to reflect upon yourself.

Here are some exotic places that will amaze your eyes and refresh your soul:
​Top Slip, located in the Western Ghats is a popular getaway for South Indians and is an incredible drive from Coimbatore to Pollachi and from Pollachi to Top slip. All ​through ​the way​, your eyes will be treated to lush greenery and beautiful trees. Make sure you stop and enjoy the landscape around you. Top​ Slip ​is ​a pollution free destination. ​It stands majestically ​among other unexplored mountains and forest all around.

Top slip is a vital​ ​tourist center with the Annaimalai Tiger Reserve. ​There is a solon park and a life ​s​anctuary which covers an area of 958 sq.kms. I​t's been separated from Nilgiri hills by the Palaghat Gap on the north. The Solon park is found to be contiguous ​to the ​west side ​of Parambikulam Life Sanctuary and the Eravvikulam park with Chinnar Wild life Santuary on the other side.​​​


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