Wednesday 27 September 2017


      This garden is a treat to the eyes. The garden is spotted as one of the most romantic places in Delhi.The Garden is designed to stimulate one's sensory responses to the environment. The color and fragrance, texture and form evoke the awareness of touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Most of the works of art are dynamic, making it more interactive to the visitors. About 25 different sculptures and murals have been set up in the Garden making it one of the largest collection of public art in the country. This Garden is located near the first city of Delhi i.e. Qila Rai Pithora and while following the approach road to the Garden from T point of MB Road one can see the massive walls of this fort.

      The Garden of Five senses depicts the architecture of the first city including the stones used in the construction of boundary walls and dome-shaped office complex. The walk begins with a description of trees which are planted in the outer area of the garden i.e. from the steps which you take, for moving in the garden complex. The details of the trees which fall in this area have been described below with their common name, botanical name and description for the benefit of the common man who can take a walk

      There is also a food and shopping court in the garden where you can enjoy a good meal while a light breeze awakens your senses.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Read the saga of Fantasy tree

            Arborist, worshipper, commoner. No matter whoever you are, know about the fantasy tree that still exists in kintoor, Lucknow. That tree is originally referred as Parijaat Tree, baobab tree. This tree is cherished by the order of local district magistrate, any kind of damage to the tree is strictly prohibited.  Baobab tree in modern science which is sprung in Sub-Sahara Africa and hence its presence in the fertile land of India makes it precious. The age of the tree is still not determined, which makes it quite possible that the tree may have been planted by someone who used to travel between India and Africa. The tree needs the international attention of scientists to find out more about it. The tree is also known as 'the tree from paradise' due to its mythological significance.
            There are a number ancient temples around that place. There are myths about this tree. Near a temple established by Kunti who is a mother of the Pandavas, is a special tree called Parijaat which is said to grow from Kunti's ashes. There are a number of sagas about this tree which has popular embrace. Also, there is an oral history that Arjuna brought this tree from heavens and Kunti used to offer and crown Lord Shiva with its flowers. Another saying being, that Lord Krishna brought this tree for his beloved queen Satyabhama or Rukmini. Historically, though these saying may have some bearing or not, it is true that this tree is from a very ancient background. According to the Harivansh Puran, the Parijaat Tree is a Kalpavriksha, or wish bearing tree, which, apart from this tree, is only found in heaven. Newly-weds visit the tree for blessings, and every Tuesday a fair is held where local people worship the tree. The flower from the tree is referred to as the Parijat flower.
            Our younger peer group has been brought up in this newfangled lifestyle, take a break and visit sacred places and enjoy listening to the epics and sagas.