Wednesday 27 September 2017


      This garden is a treat to the eyes. The garden is spotted as one of the most romantic places in Delhi.The Garden is designed to stimulate one's sensory responses to the environment. The color and fragrance, texture and form evoke the awareness of touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Most of the works of art are dynamic, making it more interactive to the visitors. About 25 different sculptures and murals have been set up in the Garden making it one of the largest collection of public art in the country. This Garden is located near the first city of Delhi i.e. Qila Rai Pithora and while following the approach road to the Garden from T point of MB Road one can see the massive walls of this fort.

      The Garden of Five senses depicts the architecture of the first city including the stones used in the construction of boundary walls and dome-shaped office complex. The walk begins with a description of trees which are planted in the outer area of the garden i.e. from the steps which you take, for moving in the garden complex. The details of the trees which fall in this area have been described below with their common name, botanical name and description for the benefit of the common man who can take a walk

      There is also a food and shopping court in the garden where you can enjoy a good meal while a light breeze awakens your senses.

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