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Divine Destination - Koodal Azhagar Temple

Koodal Azhagar Temple is devoted for Lord Maha Vishnu. The main idol of this temple is named as Paramaswamy and the processional idol reffered as Alagar or Sundararajan Temple which seems to be 20 km far from madurai city, build at the foot of the alagar hills among the scenic beauty of forest. Intricately carved stone sculptures and the art that is applicable to a number of statues in the temple are renowned. Here visitors can see a gigantic stone statue of Lord Vishnu and also statues of Vishnu, which is displayed in a different form. The anoint by the priest of the temple directly taken from the water source. The luxurious statue is finished through pure gold and is a magnificent example of artisian. We can calso see holyplace for Kalyana Sundaravalli in the south yard and another temple in the north devoted to Andal. We can also find few other important holyplaces named as Sudarshanar and Yoga Narasimha. 

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 Commemoration in Koodal Azhagar Temple

 Indication of 'chithirai' fest start up kodiyetram (flag post) will be done right infront of ancient temple. Chithirai festival marks begin from here to have a long celebration. The high hoisted flag continues to fly till the event gets completed. The removing of the flag symbolizing the event to be ended.

            Govinda made occasional trumpeting 'etircevai' songs welcoming pilgrims coming to Madurai. Govinda everywhere you see the direction of the herd and reached up to the sky in Madurai. Devotees come from all over the state for the 'chithirai'festival will make them perceive the departure of Azhagar meant the sound. Azhagar couldn’t turn up for Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar marriage, so regretfully getting on the river Vaigai. Although this phenomenon is occurring annually kallazhagar coming down the mountain, for the beauty of the millions of pilgrims in the city of Madurai are concentrated.

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           Annually Alzhagar before landing in to Vaigai river offered with flowers string by Srivilliputhur Andal and the Golden horse into the vehicle around 12 o'clock at night departs. At crack of dawn kallalzhagar getting off into the river Vaigai.

       Alagar Koyil gets opened from 6 AM and gets closed by 12.30 PM, again its starts its darshan in evening from 3.30 PM to 8 PM. Chithirai Festival will be celebrated in the month of April or May which seems to be the best to visit this temple.

        It is a one among the best tourist attraction for pilgrims and travelers to visit during his lifetime.

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