Saturday, 6 February 2016

Dazzling aquatic resort... You will go overwhelmed


 "If there is a magic on this planet, it is contained in this water."Every mankind on this earth will go crazy with this supernatural retreat. The aquatic floater village is located at Kumbalangi close to the city of Kochi.

Famous as India’s first floating resort, Aquatic Floating Resort boasts a floating swimming pool, a spa wellness centre and fitness center.

At aquatic you will live close proximity to nature, the expanse of back water body laced with sober greenery of mangroves and imposing presence of majestic coconut palm trees and soft breeze caress you.

Floating structures, as seen elsewhere, have watertight compartments below and a superstructure above. The uniqueness of this resort is that both watertight compartments and the superstructure are integrated into one. The high outdoor deck offers a fascinating view of the blue green expanse,

The water level living room with bamboo thatched roofs and the partially immersed bedroom is inspired by underwater. You can have best time to indulge in rejuvenation therapies by the oldest health care system in the world-'ayurvedha'

Provides you immense pleasure to mind, body and soul. Leisure activities like bicycle, safari, fishing etc gives you the best time.

The sun set beyond the Chinese fishing nets, the boating in the lake among the dancing fishes, the bird sanctuary in the mangrove forests, the contemporary fishing methods, seeing all this and having delicious local food with spicy fish curry - Kumbalangi  truly beckons travelers!

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