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Mahabalipuram  is also known as Mamallapuram, is the place situated in the center of the state of Tamil Nadu. It was the capital of the Pallava’s kings. This World Heritage site was a seaport in its early days. The place was being known for great carving and temples at sunset when the sandstone turns into bonfire orange and blood red.

It is an attractive and memorable place, having tradition, holiness, history, western archives and modern importance. Mahabalipuram is also known as the temple city of Tamil Nadu. There are eleven excavated temples which are identified as Mandapas. This Mandapas is also said as two open air bas relief. There is one more temple which is a cut out temple called as “Ratha”. There are five Ratha Temple and one Shore temple also which is most famous.

Shore temple is one of the glorious rocks cut sophistication standing and overlooking towards the sea. It symbolizes the heights of Pallava’s structural design and the naval ambitions of the Pallava kings. Five Rathas are fixed from solo pieces of rock and low laying monoliths. Each temple is dedicated to a Hindu God and named on one of the Pandavas. On the entrance of each Rathas there is a figure of an animal mount of the God.

The first Ratha is on the name of Draupadi. It is also dedicated to the Goddess Durga who looks out at her people attending worship from as carved lotus throne while outside a huge sculptured lion stands as a guard. Behind the shrine of the Goddess there is a huge Nandi, who is the bull or vehicle of Lord Shiva. Second Ratha is Arjuna Ratha which dedicated to Lord Shiva. After that, the other Ratha is Bhima Ratha. After that is Dharmaraja Ratha dedicated to the Lord Narasimhavarman and the final is in the name of Nakula-Sahadeva Ratha which is dedicated to the Lord Indra and has a fine sculpture elephant standing nearby. There are other temples also which makes the visit memorable for visitors.

How to Reach :

It is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu; therefore the nearest airport is Chennai. It is connected by all the major states of India by numerous flights. International flights operate from various parts of the world to Chennai. The nearest railhead to the Mahabalipuram is Chengalpattu and Chennai. There are many trains to and from the destination. There are many bus facilities also provided by many travel agents. You can book your cheap flights online from any flight booking portal and cheap air tickets  are also available with many air ticket booking agents.

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